Leadership development is everywhere and yet more than ever people are craving true leaders. Demand for leadership is high because too often people are looking for someone else to take on the responsibility or hoping results can be achieved by working on the surface. For nearly 30 years, I have honed my unique approach to leadership development and have catalyzed change in hundreds of leaders and organizations throughout the world. My approach quickly gets you to the core of who you are and what you are here to offer the world and guides you to boldly, clearly and passionately bring your leadership into the world.

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Leadership Connection Practicum

For the first time, Kathleen is offering a program for experienced human development professionals to learn and teach her proprietary leadership model and to gain real world experience offering these services in an exciting new business expansion.

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From Scarcity to Prosperity

I recently spoke to a dynamic group of non-profit leaders. Like many in their profession, they are feeling the challenges and pressures of our world today: shifting community demands and political circumstances, resource challenges and mounting problems requiring innovative solutions. The crush of pressures led many to say they awoke in the morning already feeling … Continue reading From Scarcity to Prosperity

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Worried about Current Events? Believe in Yourself

In the wake of last year’s election many Americans wonder about the stability of our government and question the competence of leaders on both sides of the aisle. It seems the only thing people can agree on is that they are not satisfied with what’s happening in Washington. What’s more, with a special counsel investigation … Continue reading Worried about Current Events? Believe in Yourself

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Right back at you . . . I am thrilled and humbled to have you as a cornerstone of the Human Being Store #livingourgift

Congrats @LeadConn + team on the launch of the #HumanBeingStore to help develop better people, better work & a better world: https://t.co/nIXZK0o2qi
#LeadershipDevelopment #leadership #PersonalDevelopment #GrowthMindset #leaders #GetYourGift #LiveLeadership #WomenEntrepreneurs

"Leadership isn't a position, it is a disposition. Knowing your gift and consciously choosing to offer it in the world is what makes one a #leader."

Kathleen Schafer @LeadConn generously shared this inspiration with me.

It happened! My new company has officially launched. Welcome to the Human Being Store! Come visit us to Get Your Gift today! https://t.co/ywDyMe2yEg

#liveleadership #getyourgift #HumanBeingStore

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