Leadership today requires boldness, clarity and passion. Individuals and organizations alike must know whom they are and what they want to contribute to the world. Kathleen Schafer is your bridge to living leadership as it is meant to be. With expertise grounded in the rough and tumble world of politics, seasoned in business, honed in academia and broadened by her own journey, Kathleen Schafer creates the path for individuals and organizations to lead now.

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Choose to Lead

In 28 succinct lessons, Choose to Lead guides people to know themselves as leaders. Kathleen invites readers to shift their perspective on leadership beyond titles and roles to encourage them to align their talents and strengths with the impact they wish to have on the world.

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The Election’s Long Shadow

Narcissistic, grandiose, vulgar, disagreeable and nasty are just a few of the Donald Trump descriptors that immediately populate a Google search for the Republican Presidential nominee. His supporters want to talk about “an American success story” or real-estate mogul with a “knack for business.” Love him or hate him he is a man that rarely … Continue reading The Election’s Long Shadow

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You Can Handle the Truth

The iconic scene from the movie, A Few Good Men, in which Col. Jessup shouts, “You can’t handle the truth!” during cross-examination, has become a cultural touchstone for the moments that bring us to the brink of wanting the truth to be known but being uncertain about our ability to deliver or hear it. Most … Continue reading You Can Handle the Truth

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