Choose to Lead


A 28-Day Guide to Awakening the Leader Within

In 28 succinct lessons, Choose to Lead guides people to know themselves as leaders. Kathleen invites readers to shift their perspective on leadership beyond titles and roles to encourage them to align their talents and strengths with the impact they wish to have in the world. If you want to understand how to be happy and successful by leading in your life, this book is the guide you’ve been searching for.


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“Kathleen Schafer offers a master class in leadership, guiding readers step by step in daily lessons grounded in real world experience. Through her teachings, everyone can realize the adventure of self-actualization and emerge as a leader of one’s own strengths, dreams and destiny.”

–Dr. Christopher Arterton, Founding Dean, The Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University

“Kathleen Schafer has a long history of helping individuals focus on their authentic selves as a part of how to provide stronger and more effective leadership.  Her latest book:  Choose to Lead, should be on your digital reader or nightstand for those who are life-long learners interested in improving not only themselves, but those around them. “

 –Rick Virgin, Vice President for University Relations, Creighton University

“Kathleen’s words have a way of staying in your head and surfacing when you most need them. She has a true gift for helping you find your individual leadership style — your personal life path — and cutting through your excuses and malarkey to move you toward action. I can’t begin to express how much Kathleen helped me in my life. She taught me that leadership is something much bigger than standing at a podium in a pinstripe suit giving a speech. It’s taking your gifts and sharing them with the world in a way that impacts the lives of others in a personal and meaningful way. So, while I still wander around in the weeds from time to time, I feel much surer of my ability to effect change in the world, and am working to do so one story at a time.”

Jenny A. Donovan, Literary Journalist