Living the Leadership Choice

A Guide to Changing Your Life and the World

Success in the twenty-first century requires leaders who know themselves and are capable of being their best in every facet of their lives. More than ever before, we need leaders throughout society who are able to face the challenges and changes in our homes, communities, businesses, and government-they are not “other” people with special skills. They are people just like you who have made a commitment to living the leadership choice. This book encapsulates Kathleen’s innovative approach to leadership development in twenty-eight daily lessons. Within a month, you’ll identify your greatest assets, potential, and purpose and understand how to put them to work, so you can create the career and life you desire, becoming the change you wish to see in the world.

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“Taking the journey into Kathleen Schafer’s work requires that you give up any idea that you cannot reach the goals that are important to you.  She provides thoughtful, yet concrete ways to access your unique talents and abilities to change yourself and the world around you. And along the way, you will achieve more happiness in your personal and public life giving rise to the difference you came here to make.”

–Susan M. Henkels, M.S.W

“Kathleen’s approach opened a new door to understanding my leadership style.  I learned things I knew about myself deep down but never realized.  Her technique helped me to harness those characteristics that make me a collaborative leader.  I would recommend Kathleen’s process to anyone who has a sense they can be an effective leader but who needs to better understand the innate tools that are programmed into each of us and how to best put them to use.”

–Joe Bondi, Executive Director of Development, The George Washington University