Having worked in financial services for more than 20 years, I have been exposed to a myriad of leadership training and development opportunities over the course of my career, as senior management sought to retain and develop me as a ‘high potential female.’  None of them was ever as targeted, insightful or impactful as the … Continue reading Warning: May Result in Life and Career Changes

We’ve all been there. The well intentioned get together with a group who aspires to do better. It could be in starting a new project with work colleagues or a volunteer organization getting ready for a new year, whatever the setting the experience is familiar—an earnest trainer brought in to lead the group on setting … Continue reading Choosing to Lead is the Only Way Organizations Work

My career is dedicated to the passionate cultivation of leadership excellence. During my two-plus decades of study, practice and innovation on the subject, I believe now more than ever the choice to lead is an imperative for our future success—individually and collectively. When a colleague passed along a recent blog about Stanford Professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer’s … Continue reading Why Choose to Lead?

There are the moments in life when we experience “being in the zone.”  It might be the perfect golf swing that lands the tiny white ball in the middle of a luscious green fairway.  It could be a sales pitch where the words fall effortlessly from our mouth at the right time and with the perfect tone … Continue reading Being A Better Person

As summer has ended and rolled into fall, the headlines are filled with much disturbing news from around the globe. Domestic violence among elite athletes, terrorist groups broadcasting atrocities, heads of state fanning the flames of war, the continued spectacle of the dysfunctional American political system, draught, earthquakes and hurricanes. It is enough to make … Continue reading Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

In 1987, Congress for the first time designated the month of March Women’s History Month.  For the next 26 years Congress has continued to pass authorizing legislation allowing the President to declare March Women’s History Month.  This time provides us an opportunity to remove the filters and add perspective to our histories, our familial stories … Continue reading Take the stories of Women beyond March

There is a false formula for success being perpetrated throughout our country. For the most part, this false formula is spread by people who enjoy the illusion that control over other people creates power and that this power will enable them to feel better about their own insecurities. Thus in return, many of these people … Continue reading Does Fear Rule Your World?

During the Holidays people are implored to focus on the joys of giving rather than receiving. While I wholeheartedly agree that giving is one of the best ways to share our gifts and experience joy, I often find with my coaching clients that one of the greatest challenges they face is in allowing what they … Continue reading How to Receive What You Want This Holiday Season

We tend to think of the Holiday’s as a time away from work, commitments and responsibilities—and for many that means leadership. That belief comes from the perception that our conduct at work is somehow disconnected from our personal lives. Leadership is love in action, and that love and action are a part of our lives … Continue reading 3 Steps to Being Your Best at the Holidays