Two different topics have been swirling through my conversations with clients and colleagues recently. The first speaks to the glaring need for leadership development at all levels of an organization; the other to the reluctance to add full-time employees to payrolls for positions that may be better served by outside professionals – if they are … Continue reading Every Company Needs a CLO: Chief Leadership Officer

Success is all about people, people. Whatever business a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage—Richard Branson It is no secret in the information age that people are a company’s greatest asset, yet most organizations continue to operate as if employees are expendable, replaceable and lack ideas on how to deliver the products … Continue reading If You Can’t Lead You Can’t Succeed

My morning started with an e-mail from a client who is a federal government analyst, upset about a missive from her training department eager to check-off their employee development box with a variety of offerings.  The catch?  Leadership development was restricted to “managers only.”  I guess it is time for the feds to understand what … Continue reading Why Leadership Coaching Is For Everyone

THE INDIVIDUAL:  Anchors activity in his/her leadership Owns the talents and strengths s/he brings Embraces the passion that powers his/her participation Makes the connection between his/her contribution and the mission of the team THE TEAM: Communicates its mission and purpose to members and external audiences Examines challenges with comprehensive analysis and develops innovative solutions Transcends … Continue reading Leadership Connection’s Fast Facts: Seven Stages of Team Development

Everyone feels stuck at some point.  Stuck in a job they don’t enjoy, stuck in a community they would rather not live in, stuck in a relationship that no longer feels as good as it once did.  Stuck in anything not only feels awful, it means that we believe we are no longer making progress, … Continue reading Stuck? Creativity Is a Leader’s Friend

The NPR story “I Know I Am Suppose To Follow My Passion.  But What If I Don’t Have A Passion?” chronicles a question for Ivy League graduate Max Kornblith to economist Tyler Cowen asking how to find a passion and how important is it to do so before starting a career.  Cowen, intrigued by the … Continue reading Got Passion? Three Reasons You Might Not

Two decades ago a record number of women were elected to our nation’s highest legislative offices. In 1992, California became the first state to send two women Senators to Washington; they were joined by two other newcomers to triple the number of women serving in the Senate to a whopping six! Those yearning for a … Continue reading Turning the Year of the Woman Into Parity