The suspense is growing in the 2016 presidential election, but while we don’t know what will happen, one thing we do know is the date of decision. Elections almost always provide us with a concrete outcome. The milestones of our lives, however, such as our career dreams and aspirations, usually don’t come with a prescribed … Continue reading Taking Control of Your Career: The Three C’s

Huffington Post As former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book Unfinished Business is released so too are her e-mail exchanges with her boss, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In addition to revealing the relentless pressure Clinton felt with every public comment, it shows the continuing struggle women of all ages and stations of … Continue reading What Is Having It All?

Huffington Post  The Internet era has exponentially spawned political pundits like it has Presidential candidates. Each has a perspective on what “the American people” are looking for in their next leader and few discuss the ebbs and flows of leadership characteristics that have defined the pendulum swing of our nation’s leaders. If we understand how … Continue reading Incremental Change Favors Hillary

Huffington Post The fact that Pope Francis’ visit to the United States dominated headlines was to be expected. What this surprising leader is achieving, with grace and eloquence, is something that no American leader in recent history has — that is, to remind us that what made our country great was the call to something … Continue reading Pope Francis — A Call to Something Greater

Huffington Post As a woman the desire to be cherished may seem a bit quaint in light of the recent political sparring between Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In the on-going war of words, Mr. Trump proclaimed his pro-women credentials by saying, I cherish women. I want to help women. I’m going to … Continue reading Hillary Clinton Should Exude Feminine Power

Huffington Post I don’t know if it was sheer determination or utter stupidity that compelled me to sit through the three-plus hours of the second Republican Presidential debate. Viewing that spectacle followed by Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Tonight Show, led to a startling thought — one of these individuals is going to be the … Continue reading The Choice in This Election — Forward or Backward