Two different topics have been swirling through my conversations with clients and colleagues recently. The first speaks to the glaring need for leadership development at all levels of an organization; the other to the reluctance to add full-time employees to payrolls for positions that may be better served by outside professionals – if they are … Continue reading Every Company Needs a CLO: Chief Leadership Officer

Creating the best job for you is not a pipe dream or only for the lucky few. We have much more ability to create an ideal fit than most of us realize. Leaders lead lives of impact and meaning because they know whom they are and what they want to contribute. Tweet this thought! All … Continue reading Looking for your Dream Job? “Wrong” Turns Could Lead You in the Right Direction

The traditional way most people look at a “job” is that an organization needs something done and an individual decides to “sell” their services to the organization in exchange for money. In this scenario, the power resides clearly with the employer, and the motivation for many employees is security that is provided by an entity … Continue reading Better Together: Aligning What Employees Want and Organizations Need

Success is all about people, people. Whatever business a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage—Richard Branson It is no secret in the information age that people are a company’s greatest asset, yet most organizations continue to operate as if employees are expendable, replaceable and lack ideas on how to deliver the products … Continue reading If You Can’t Lead You Can’t Succeed

We’ve all been there. The well intentioned get together with a group who aspires to do better. It could be in starting a new project with work colleagues or a volunteer organization getting ready for a new year, whatever the setting the experience is familiar—an earnest trainer brought in to lead the group on setting … Continue reading Choosing to Lead is the Only Way Organizations Work

My career is dedicated to the passionate cultivation of leadership excellence. During my two-plus decades of study, practice and innovation on the subject, I believe now more than ever the choice to lead is an imperative for our future success—individually and collectively. When a colleague passed along a recent blog about Stanford Professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer’s … Continue reading Why Choose to Lead?

I must admit that a guilty pleasure of mine is the Food Network show Chopped.  Hidden among the culinary battles for Chopped Champion are some of life’s greatest lessons on success.  I love the twisted mystery baskets of ingredients, the seemingly impossible time limits and the lofty expectations of the judges (sound like life?). But what I … Continue reading Chopped: A Winning Recipe for Success

THE INDIVIDUAL:  Anchors activity in his/her leadership Owns the talents and strengths s/he brings Embraces the passion that powers his/her participation Makes the connection between his/her contribution and the mission of the team THE TEAM: Communicates its mission and purpose to members and external audiences Examines challenges with comprehensive analysis and develops innovative solutions Transcends … Continue reading Leadership Connection’s Fast Facts: Seven Stages of Team Development

There is a false formula for success being perpetrated throughout our country. For the most part, this false formula is spread by people who enjoy the illusion that control over other people creates power and that this power will enable them to feel better about their own insecurities. Thus in return, many of these people … Continue reading Does Fear Rule Your World?

Everyone feels stuck at some point.  Stuck in a job they don’t enjoy, stuck in a community they would rather not live in, stuck in a relationship that no longer feels as good as it once did.  Stuck in anything not only feels awful, it means that we believe we are no longer making progress, … Continue reading Stuck? Creativity Is a Leader’s Friend