I must admit that a guilty pleasure of mine is the Food Network show Chopped.  Hidden among the culinary battles for Chopped Champion are some of life’s greatest lessons on success.  I love the twisted mystery baskets of ingredients, the seemingly impossible time limits and the lofty expectations of the judges (sound like life?). But what I … Continue reading Chopped: A Winning Recipe for Success

Politico’s story on Bill Clinton’s recent 70-percent approval rating, the highest ever recorded for him, attributes his popularity to his ever increasing focus on global issues eschewing political firestorms. While the former President has clearly evolved into a man focused on creating solutions to “neutral problems,” is this an evolution of character or the making … Continue reading Is Being Less Political Key to a Good Leader?

No one doubted that Oprah Winfrey would wow Harvard University in our nation’s springtime tradition of commencement addresses by celebrities of various stripes and vocations.  True to any speech that resonates with audiences it is not only the truths with dustings of humor, it is the glimpses of the people delivering them that keeps us … Continue reading Keep Opening to Your Purpose

One of the most powerful tools for leaders is choice. Moving beyond reacting to outside circumstances and consciously evaluating situations from a higher level allows for well informed actions and ultimately better results. Reaction keeps one focused on the problem when paying attention to what’s working may be the way toward solution. For many of … Continue reading Pay Attention to What’s Working

The NPR story “I Know I Am Suppose To Follow My Passion.  But What If I Don’t Have A Passion?” chronicles a question for Ivy League graduate Max Kornblith to economist Tyler Cowen asking how to find a passion and how important is it to do so before starting a career.  Cowen, intrigued by the … Continue reading Got Passion? Three Reasons You Might Not

The current brouhaha over the impending Fiscal Cliff is yet another example of a national culture that waits for crisis before taking action. The irony in this current example is that our political leaders actually created the cliff to force themselves to address this complex economic issue. In other words, because they couldn’t work together … Continue reading Why Do We Wait for A Crisis?

A week after the 2012 election that dominated media attention for the past several months, life seems to have returned to normal. Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill are ensnared in the Fiscal Cliff morass, losing candidates are looking around for someone to blame and once again Washington is mired in a sex scandal. Perhaps … Continue reading Leader In Chief