The confetti has fallen, the balloons have been released and the adoring crowds are gone. The moment that every candidate hopes to face is here—victory. Yet, this the point at which successful candidates must pivot from election year warrior to genteel statesman or woman. The challenge for so many elected officials is that they rarely … Continue reading You’ve Won, But Are You Willing To Lead?

This article was originally published at AlterNet   Capitulate: to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms; to give up resistance.   When it comes to surrender, just the thought of it is chilling to a political leader on the campaign trail. Campaigns are the closest thing to war most operatives and candidates will ever experience … Continue reading The Politics of Capitulation

Determining the outcome of an election is no more difficult than accessing which candidate is most comfortable in his or her own skin. Even with this knowledge, it is a spectacle each election as we witness the mind-blowing lengths candidates go through to make us believe they are something they are not. Bad advisers and … Continue reading Confident Enough to Win

It is no surprise that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney once again has found himself in hot water over comments he made at a fundraiser. As discussed in previous articles ( Romney’s propensity to “misstate” his positions comes less from jumbled words and more from a value system that isn’t always in sync with the … Continue reading Is 47 Percent Good Enough?

Ultimately the efficacy of a leader depends on his motivation. The intention one brings to the work they are doing directly correlates to the quality of the outcome he is producing. We have reached unprecedented unhappiness with the quality of political leadership in our country because the intention of most candidates is not to serve … Continue reading Are They Selling or Serving?

When I begin working with a candidate they often walk into their first meeting with “the leadership consultant” thinking they are going to be told how transform themselves into the perfect leader. They envision eloquence, confidence and a powerful presence on the stump all but ensuring an easy path to victory. What my clients find … Continue reading Real Leaders Win

During the 1990’s the professional political consultant emerged as a definitive player in American politics. As a young woman in this burgeoning field this was the time I first encountered the men who are now the top advisors to our nation’s leaders. We sat around tables in shabby campaign headquarters and airport restaurants discussing the … Continue reading Why Leadership Coaching Matters—A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

In looking at the forest of the Second Presidential debate and not the trees, here is what I saw:   1. Americans don’t want government interfering in their lives and yet they want to know how the next President is going to help them go to college, lower gas prices and find a job.   … Continue reading What I Learned From the Debate

If someone wants an issue to be front and center in American politics-do something to make Moms mad. The Obama Administration’s latest front in the battle against obesity, is the regulation of snacks and food that are not the requisite breakfast and lunch. First up on the firing line is the beloved bake sale. In … Continue reading Busting Up Bake Sales