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I recently spoke to a dynamic group of non-profit leaders. Like many in their profession, they are feeling the challenges and pressures of our world today: shifting community demands and political circumstances, resource challenges and mounting problems requiring innovative solutions. The crush of pressures led many to say they awoke in the morning already feeling … Continue reading From Scarcity to Prosperity

In the wake of last year’s election many Americans wonder about the stability of our government and question the competence of leaders on both sides of the aisle. It seems the only thing people can agree on is that they are not satisfied with what’s happening in Washington. What’s more, with a special counsel investigation … Continue reading Worried about Current Events? Believe in Yourself

At this moment, wherever we turn, we find reflections on the importance of community and coming together to share creative experiences, be it the pink-hat wearing women banding together to support equality, the burgeoning Hygge movement making its way from Denmark or stories about the positive health effects of creativity in our later years. What … Continue reading Creative Communities Cultivate Leaders

Recent workplace trends point to a continuing evolution in how individuals can thrive in their jobs, and to what organizations can do to cultivate excellence while retaining valuable employees. Although the goals may seem clear, the path will only be effortless if organizations focus on fostering the leadership of their employees. Leadership is about individuals … Continue reading Leadership is the Key to Keeping Up with Workplace Trends

Every four years the United States experiences the epitome of democratic ideals through the peaceful transfer of power from one President to the next. While recent polls show the current transition of Presidential administrations is not one a majority Americans are thrilled with, it gives us an opportunity to be grateful for what our democracy … Continue reading Supporting Democracy Through Gratitude

This year has provided so many topsy-turvy examples of leadership, encapsulated by the unexpected rise of President-Elect Trump, who prevailed despite upending every norm and expectation for a presidential candidate. We shall see whether Trump’s unconventional approach to campaigning translates to an effective tenure as president. For the rest of us who are trying to … Continue reading Communicating As A Leader: More than Words