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Two different topics have been swirling through my conversations with clients and colleagues recently. The first speaks to the glaring need for leadership development at all levels of an organization; the other to the reluctance to add full-time employees to payrolls for positions that may be better served by outside professionals – if they are … Continue reading Every Company Needs a CLO: Chief Leadership Officer

Today’s blog is co-authored by Kathleen Schafer and Bill Parent, Lecturer in Public Policy at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. When two recovering political operatives get together it no surprise that even pop culture takes on an election year patina. Recently over coffee our conversation turned to the film, Sully. Neither of us had … Continue reading Tonight, Hillary Must Lead

With the 2016 election a few weeks away, it is nearly impossible to talk to anyone without the spectacle of the Clinton/Trump race entering the conversation. Most of us connect with like-minded voters who view one or the other of the candidates as grossly unpalatable—or as the reason we may abandon our beloved democracy should … Continue reading We Are the Ones

The suspense is growing in the 2016 presidential election, but while we don’t know what will happen, one thing we do know is the date of decision. Elections almost always provide us with a concrete outcome. The milestones of our lives, however, such as our career dreams and aspirations, usually don’t come with a prescribed … Continue reading Taking Control of Your Career: The Three C’s

Until recently,* “leaders” were primarily white, male, educated and wealthy. While we’re now seeing people who look different filling more positions of authority, are these leaders actually behaving or leading differently than their predecessors? This moment in history provides a wonderful opportunity to examine what leadership means and what it looks like. Leadership is changing … Continue reading Want Different Results? Change Your Definition of Leadership

Narcissistic, grandiose, vulgar, disagreeable and nasty are just a few of the Donald Trump descriptors that immediately populate a Google search for the Republican Presidential nominee. His supporters want to talk about “an American success story” or real-estate mogul with a “knack for business.” Love him or hate him he is a man that rarely … Continue reading The Election’s Long Shadow

The iconic scene from the movie, A Few Good Men, in which Col. Jessup shouts, “You can’t handle the truth!” during cross-examination, has become a cultural touchstone for the moments that bring us to the brink of wanting the truth to be known but being uncertain about our ability to deliver or hear it. Most … Continue reading You Can Handle the Truth

A presidential election year creates an opportunity for a Washington Beltway ex-pat living in Southern California to have a lot of interesting conversations. With California’s presidential primary upon us, hardly a day goes by without someone asking me what the heck is going on with this presidential election and why it has gone so wrong. … Continue reading In Politics, Leadership is Only as Strong as Its Constituents