Leadership Connection Practicum

For the first time in her 25 year career, Kathleen is offering a program for experienced human development professionals to learn and teach her proprietary leadership model and to gain real world experience offering these services in an exciting new business expansion.

Who is invited to join?

Individuals who are:

  • experienced in human development, i.e., coaches, talent management professionals, educators, etc.
  • eager to learn advanced techniques to further their own development and to professionally apply the learnings
  • wanting to become a part of a proprietary new business model to provide these services
  • willing to be fully present in the work as a learner and initiate into this powerful program
What we will be doing?

With a group of no more than seven individuals—rolling admissions—participants will:

  • connect weekly for one-hour meetings with Kathleen for the first three months to engage in individual leadership development and introduce the proprietary concepts
  • meet bi-weekly with Kathleen for the second nine months to focus, refine and apply the leadership principles in participants work and life
  • join bi-weekly group video meetings for application and support with the concepts
  • engage in 100 hours of leadership practice in a variety of settings: individual, group, presentation and as a part of a new business
Where will we do this?

Participants will:

  • participate from their current location via video conference
  • schedule in-person meetings with Kathleen when possible
  • join periodic retreats in Ojai, California to spend time longer stretches of time with Kathleen and the other participants
  • engage in real world experiences as developed with the group and may take place with Kathleen and/or other members of the program
When are we doing this?

The program begins in June 2018 and will be open to no more than 7 individuals at one time—rolling admissions

Why engage with Kathleen and Leadership Connection?

Because you:

  • are eager to take your career and work in human development to the next level
  • want to continue to deepen your own leadership and understanding of your full potential
  • want a clear, proven system on which to bring your unique perspective to new clients
  • desire to create a robust peer group with whom to walk on this creative powerful journey
  • are excited about being at the center of a new organization that is going to change the way people learn to lead
What is the cost?

$1000 per month for 12 months

How do I get started?

Individuals must complete a short form and interview to be accepted into the apprenticeship

Let us know your interest!

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