Individual Coaching

Individuals choose to work with me when they are ready to live their leadership and create the impact they desire in the world. Many people follow paths prescribed by others or wait for opportunities to present themselves. When an individual is ready to be bold, clear and decisive about creating what they want in their world, they are ready for the powerful work. Working with me brings change, immediately and powerfully for those who want to explore the vast potential their leadership can have on the world.

I have nearly 30 years experience guiding leaders. I have a unique ability to see clients’ highest potential and understand how they can best offer those qualities to the world. I use clear communications, and consistent support to guide you through the process of becoming the leader you already are.

I have a keen awareness of social trends and global issues and understands how each client’s leadership can best connect to the needs of the moment. Because of my intense and transformative approach, I maintain a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients at a time.

Individuals interested in creating their leadership path can work with me in three ways:

This is a yearlong commitment for the person who feels called to leadership in high-impact roles in politics, business and the non-profit sector. Through this process an individual fully embraces his or her leadership and takes it into the world. This experience is transformative for those considering expanded professional visibility and responsibilities, a shift in career at a high level or for those preparing for new leadership roles in public service.

This three-month commitment allows individuals the opportunity to gain clarity around their true leadership and how they can create a leadership path to freely express it. This service is best for those who want to know how to make the best career and life decisions based on being a leader in their lives.

For those early in their careers and wanting to avoid the pitfalls of not understanding themselves as leaders, Kathleen offers three sessions that provide a quick and focused opportunity to understand one’s talents, strengths and skills and how best to walk in the world.