Intensive Retreats & Workshops

Intensive Retreats

Intensive retreats are offered to individuals or small groups who are facing powerful challenges and/or those who are looking for an immediate and significant shift in their leadership. Generally, two days or longer are allocated for a deep-dive into the root of the current issues and how a shift in leadership can address issues and create tremendous opportunities for future growth and impact. I moderate all retreats and may select other practitioners to join me to best meet the needs of the client.

Individuals or groups choosing to embark on an intensive retreat are asked to begin the process by identifying the key issue that will be addressed during the retreat. Based on the goal, I present a customized approach including a location, agenda and any additional practitioners, plus recommendations and necessary follow-up support.

Retreats are best organized at least three months in advance; in times of crisis, I will work to accommodate clients’ timing needs on shorter timeframes.


I begin the conversation about each person’s ability and responsibility to lead by introducing my proprietary model to groups and organizations. Workshops are available both in person and online. I work with clients to develop a customized workshop approach for each group or organization’s needs to impart the learning objectives during the workshop and to create ways to continue to engage participants post-experience.


  • Clients identify goals for the workshop and I create a customized approach to best meet the needs
  • I customize content and may recommend additional practitioners to deliver it
  • Specific participant activities and learning objectives will be created for the group to engage with before, during and after the workshop
  • I will follow up with participants to understand how they are putting their leadership into the world as a result of the experience