My morning started with an e-mail from a client who is a federal government analyst, upset about a missive from her training department eager to check-off their employee development box with a variety of offerings.  The catch?  Leadership development was restricted to “managers only.”  I guess it is time for the feds to understand what leadership means in the 21st century.

Leadership Connection’s Quick Points

·      Everyone can be a leader—and should be encouraged to become one: no, this doesn’t mean that everyone has to occupy the corner office or aspire become an Under Secretary.  It means that each person has something important to offer and the organizations for whom they work need them to show-up inspired, knowing what they have to offer and empowered to do so.  We can no longer afford a bloated bureaucracy of people “putting in their time.”  It is deadly for individual and organization alike.

·      The quickest way to develop leaders is to guide people to understanding their unique contribution: Leadership development isn’t just about learning some new skill or taking on a new role—at its core it is the unleashing of one’s natural talents and skills.  Its not only easy, it is the surest way to employee engagement, retention and satisfaction.

·      The days of leaders and followers are over: The idea that one person is “in charge” and everyone else plays along are done—we are a community of people with access to immense resources and leadership is the about how best to use resources to achieve real world results.  Leadership is about relationship and how best to foster individual resources to best achieve those results, so it must happen at every organizational level—the top can’t work if the rest of the organization is full of empty-headed zombies.  Leaders are needed throughout a successful organization.

A healthy government is important to our future—and it is time that the federal government move beyond its outmoded thinking to fresh, current perspectives on what it means to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing world.  Let us know if you agree via our website here.